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GST-Billing-Software for small Distribution,Retail and Manufacturing
Horizon ERP is an off the shelf, Ready to use software solution for small businesses. Simple User interface designed to enable user to quickly adapt and tasks simple to execute. Ideal for Distribution, Retail,Manufacturing or any business entity that needs to transact with GST compliant invoices. Focus has been on to bring down the time spent on backend business process and allowing users to focus on revenue generating activities. Sector specific utilities are built in aimed at giving a ready to use solution in which no further customisation is needed. Technology best practises has been prudently followed to ensure that the user gets a stable platform on which they can rely with minimal support being needed from the vendor. The software can be maintained by the user, from installation to restoring backups without technical assistance. Rightly designed to address the billing software needs of small enterprises ranging from distribution, retailing and manufacturing. we place our product as a combination of accounting software with inventory software and packaged with the relevant business functionalities eliminating the need for one to one customisation
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